Freakshow 2!

Updates (Devlogs!)

Who doesn’t love the circus? Come play some circus game, Continue Michael’s story Or maybe see the circus freak! (Watch out, they bite!) Enjoy the Freakshow circus in all its glory!

Price: FREE!

Release date: April 24th 2018 (Full game coming late 2018 or early 2019)

3 Playable game modes! (Story mode, Circus games, Freak survival) Maybe more to come!

You can find it on: Steam,, gamejolt and indieDB


There will be many fun iconic circus game to play! (Hammer game! Duck shoot! A maze! Cup game! And also Shoot the freak!) In story mode, there will be many puzzles to overcome! Also there will be a survival mode, a mode where you can fight with the freak and more!


5 years ago, the Ringleader attacked and kidnapped Michael, now its time for Michael to face his demons once again to find his mom that went missing with him. Will he find her? Will he finally come to terms with his demons?


The team

Developed by KevinTheWolfy

Written by KevinTheWolfy

Tested by KevinTheWolfy and friends!



Head artist: Associate 563 

Freaks:  Tytysi

Intro freaks: fearis-nights

Intro rooms: Stu sheep


Music and sounds!

Komodo Chords (Musician)

Myuuji (music) (Sounds)

Free (Sounds)



Voice actors

Ringleader by KevinTheWolfy

The bear by KevinTheWolfy

Main Freak by Glitch

Michael by Sir the sir

Foster parent by Sir the sir

Dr. Randy Peterson by FishingNet90

Charlie Lewis by Rabbiteph

Mom by Hannah Rose

Police by KevinTheWolfy



If you want to play the first game!