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Updates! #7 Not a really big update

Welcome one and all to this small little update, but currently I fixed some bugs with items just popping up when the frames start (loading issues fixed with some loading time and stuff) but also been working on “Floor 4” I added more to the point and click system, you can click on some characters and they will make sounds, I’ll do more with the point and click system! 🙂 We will see!
Also I added some prizes for finishing the story mode (and other things) Just like the first game!

Other then that, not much is new, starting another project soon! (I will announce next week or something?) and also doing a charity stream soon! 🙂

The demo, Download it here:

So that’s all the updates the wild woofy has brought you today. He now may Bork in peace, so thank you guys for reading!



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